Kids in America! Check out our US Tourdates!
10/1/2014 – New York, NY – Cake Shop, w/ Ed Shrader’s Music Beat
10/2/2014 – Boston, MA – Curch of Boston, w/ ESMB
10/3/2014 – New York, NY – Death By Audio, w/ ESMB
10/4/2014 – Baltimore, MD – UNFest, w/ ESMB, Chain and the Gang and more!
10/5/2014 – Philadelphia, PN – Boot & Saddle, w/ ESMB
10/8/2014 – Athens, GA – Caledonia
10/10/2014 – Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub, w/ Wet Nurse, Golden Pelicans
10/13/2014 – New Orleans, LA – Dragon’s Den, w/ Ruby Fray, Glish
10/14/2014 – Decatur, AL – Blurry Vision
10/15/2014 – Carbondale, TN – Lost Cross
10/16/2014 – Nashville, TN – The East Room, w/ French Lips, Ttotals
10/17/2014 – Saint Louis, MO – Heavy Anchor
10/18/2014 – Indianapolis, IN – BBQ, w/ Raw McCartney, Meat Bodies…
10/21/2014 – Chicago, Il – Burlington, w/ Negative Scanner
10/23/2014 – Colombus, OH, Cafe Bourbonstreet
10/25/2014 – New York, NY – Old Flame Showcase at CMJ

You kinda can’t stand on three legs, so we have decided to play a fourth show in this so called summer of 2014. 22.8.14 Rostfest/Rustfeast Eisenerz/Iron Ore it is. Check it out! It’s free!

It’s summer Kids!

And we are going to spend most of the time in our cold rehearsal room, for two obvious reasons:
1. To preserve our elegant paleness
2. To write new Songs
We are however taking a break from taking a break on three special occasions:

19.07.2014 Sommerfest, Komma, Esslingen, DE
02.08.2014 Palaverama Festival, Gmünd
09.08.2014 MuKuKu Sommerfest, Kremsmünster

You know what we did in summer 2010?

HEY PEOPLE! It’s Mile me deaf season. They’ve got a new record out and they are touring their asses off. If you are around say “Hi” to da boyz!

2014-05-16 DEN – Copenhagen, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge – “Wanda by the sea”
2014-05-17 DEN – Copenhagen, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge – Klub Geyser
2014-05-18 NED – Nijmegen, Extrapool
2014-05-19 NED – Enschede, The Loch
2014-05-21 GER – Solingen, Waldmeister (+ Die Wirklichkeit)
2014-05-22 NED – Tilburg, Hall of Fame / Nightbirds
2014-05-23 FRA – Paris, L\’Espace B
2014-06-13 AUT – Linz, Stadtwerkstatt (+ Luise Pop)
2014-06-14 CZE – Ostrava, Chee Chaak Fest
2014-07-12 GER – Pegnitz, Waldstock Festival
2014-07-19 GER – Esslingen, Komma (+ Sex Jams)
2014-09-20 UK – St. Leonards, East Sussex, The Kave Gallery

And check out their new video for “Macrosleep”:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It’s out today – our first Record Store Day release. parental advisory w/ MESSER, KARIES & NIGHT SHIRTS. We dunno which Record Store actually ordered them. So give it a try! “Prayers” is an unreleased track. No B. side. Not available digital or on youtube or whatever. Enjoy!
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