HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It’s out today – our first Record Store Day release. parental advisory w/ MESSER, KARIES & NIGHT SHIRTS. We dunno which Record Store actually ordered them. So give it a try! “Prayers” is an unreleased track. No B. side. Not available digital or on youtube or whatever. Enjoy!
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This Charming Man-Records

Hey folks. The tour was special. We made our way mostly in cabs, ferrys and public busses. Tires exploding, engine problems and making friends with several mechanics. Still it was fun and adventurous, and we had a great time. Thanks to everyone coming to the shows, promoting, buying us beer and food and making this a really nice trip. Sorry to everyone in Zagreb that we couldn’t make it. All the best and see you soon.

Folks! The show in Klagenfurt on 4.4. is unfortunately cancelled. We hope to make it up soon.


Coming up! Record Store Day Exclusive brought to you by the charming man from This Charming Man!